Silicon - Premium Vanilla 2.3 Theme

Silicon - Premium Vanilla 2.3 Theme

Due to personal obligations, I am no longer able to continue supporting and updating this theme. It will remain at Vanilla version 2.3. You may have luck updating to later versions yourself, but buy at your own risk.

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What is Silicon?

Silicon is a premium theme for Vanilla 2 forums. Silicon uses a minimalist approach based on a strong emphasis on user photos, simple icons, and large easy-to-read text. Silicon is fully responsive and features a soothing deep-blue color scheme and a prominent display of categories. It also comes included with three additional color schemes: Silicon Red, Silicon Green, and Silicon Purple!

Font Awesome

Silicon uses a CSS feature called @font-face combined with the power of Font Awesome to render all of its icons as text (“font icons”) rather than images, which improves page load-time. Because the icons can be changed just by modifying the CSS, this also makes it easier for you to customize Silicon to your liking, no need for any expensive image editing tools! For more information, visit


Silicon is compatible with a wide variety of browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and IE, and is designed to work with the latest version of Vanilla 2.3! Legacy versions of Silicon are also included for Vanilla 2.1, 2.2, and 2.0.18 compatibility.

Version History

    - Compatible with Vanilla 2.3!
    - Lined up primary version numbers with Vanilla
    - Compatible with Vanilla 2.2!
    - Made header scale with larger images.
    - Fixed checkboxes and radio buttons on non-webkit browsers
    - Removed theme credits in footer
    - New custom checkbox and radio button styling
    - Responsive improvements
    - Responsive improvements
    - Bug fixes
    - Completely redesigned with a stunning new look!
    - Now compatible with Vanilla 2.1!
    - Silicon is now responsive
    - Purple color scheme added
    - Fixed Bonk issue when not using Voting plugin.
    - Improved compatibility with Voting plugin!
    - Other minor fixes
    - Changed to fluid-width theme, with fixed maximum and minimum widths
    - Added Views to the discussions list
    - Messages are now themed properly
    - Other minor improvements/fixes
    - Added Red and Green color schemes
    - Lots of general aesthetic improvements
    - Fixed lots of bugs
      - Silicon released!
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