Sanssa Javascript Animated Counter

Sanssa Javascript Animated Counter

In today’s design, one of the ways to attract contacts to the website is to use graphic elements and very elegant animations.

When you feel good at users, they’ll enjoy working with your website and even introduce it to your friends.

Being unique on the site is a positive hit For better viewing.

Our design team has built a variety of tools for the beauty of your site.

One of these tools is Sansa, which is a counter.

  • Sansa can count the number of products to buy.
  • Sansa can be a ticket counter for your customers
  • Sansa can be the counter for booking your site’s turn.
  • Sansa can count your customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Or etc ..

Sansa Stepper features

  • clean and compact code
  • Compatibility with various browsers
  • Compatibility with any use
  • 28 color themes
  • Several times use on one page
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