OpenCart Point of Sale (POS)

OpenCart Point of Sale (POS)

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OpenCart Point Of Sales is complete point of sales (POS) module for OpenCart system. Our module Includes almost of thing you need for a POS system. All data use same with your OpenCart. It make easy manage product and sales. It support multi stores.

  • No Monthly Fees
  • Multi Stores support
  • Stock Overview
  • Multi Registers
  • Add product by Barcode Scanning or search by name / sku
  • Support Decimal Stock
  • Rounding Currency
  • Order Note / Item note
  • Discount and coupon ( Item discount and cart discount )
  • Multi cart checkout with saved cart function
  • Paid with customer reward points
  • Manage user allow login to POS panel
  • Easy customise receipt , barcode label
  • Print & Email Receipts
  • Cash Management
  • Checkout with multi payment method
  • Working with offline mode
  • Report Transactions and Sales
  • Working with product options on types: select, radio, checkbox.
  • Logoff function. This is important feature for cashier, they can logoff without lose working session and no worry about their data change by other person while they absent or relax
  • And more

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Update Log

- 19/09/2019  - version 2.6
  Online product search mode
  Improvement UI
  Improvement Code
  Customer address fields
  Customer order history
- 17/07/2019  - version 2.5
  Single payment checkout mode
  Improved download product data
  Category tree on POS
  Improved scan barcode with product with sku / model 
  Refund function for order
- 13/06/2019  - version 2.4
  Tax for Product Tax Class
  Quick money items
  Formatted Price with currency in POS grid
  Improved design
  Fixed Product Tax Mode
  Fixed Barcode field setting
- 07/04/2019 - version 2.2
  Custom quick discount amount
  Customer multi shipping address
- 15/03/2019 - version 2.1
   Improved code
   Cart price with default customer group
   Language setting , time interval setting 
   Preview Receipt
- 10/03/2019 - version 2.0
    Setting to accept order with qty < 0
    Product special price with customer group id 
    Disable clear POS order / transaction after logout . Just clear if login on other day.
    Improvement ui
    Improvement POS speed.
- 19/12/2018
    Manage cashier login sessions (location, time, register)
    Fixed bug with custom item discount
    Optimise POS code
- 10/12/2018
    Virtual keyboard
    Optimise and detect barcode scan device
    Assign shipping methods 
    Add custom tax when setting tax class = No Tax
    Add custom product (the product do not exist in system) 
- 16/11/2018
     Release module
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Author anhvnit