Nexus - Premium Vanilla 2.2 Theme

Nexus - Premium Vanilla 2.2 Theme

Due to personal obligations, I am no longer able to continue supporting and updating this theme. It will remain at Vanilla version 2.2. You may have luck updating to later versions yourself, but buy at your own risk.

NOTE: It looks like some users are having issues with Nexus not adding the proper configuration options to Vanilla’s config file when it’s activated. I’ll have to spend some time tracking down this bug as I’ve been unable to replicate it locally. In the meantime, after activating Nexus make sure that the following two lines appear in your /conf/config.php file (and if not, add them to the Garden section):

$Configuration['Garden']['MobileTheme'] = 'nexus';
$Configuration['Garden']['Thumbnail']['Size'] = 60;

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Key Features

  • Fully responsive.
  • Available in seven vibrant color schemes, whatever fits your community best.
  • Powered by Font Awesome for easy icon customization.
  • Flat, crisp, modern design accentuated by subtle CSS animations.
  • Compatible with the latest version of Vanilla forums 2.1.
  • Documentation included for installation and customization.

Version History

    - Now compatible with Vanilla 2.2!
    - Major style improvements, check out the improved look!
    - Bugfixes and style improvements when embedded in Wordpress
    - Missing styles on extra color schemes
    - The footer is back!
    - Numerous bugfixes and responsive improvements
    - Two new color schemes: Snow and Slate!
    - Responsive improvements
    - Bug fixes
    - Nexus released!
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